Y in the Workplace

Y in the Workplace

Managing the “Me First” Generation.

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Flip Flops , iPods, MySpace, “Dude”, Instant messaging? Whatever happened to dress shoes, yes sir/ma’am, in-person meetings, and traditional work etiquette? Well, the entry of 73 million Generation Ys into the workforce is what happened-the largest influx since 78 million baby boomers two generations ago. It’s a new world and a workplace revolution is underway, creating confusion and friction between the new workforce and their entrenched superiors. This transition, however, is also stimulating innovative methods of thinking, behaving, communicating and doing business as previous generations learn how to limit the liabilities and utilize the astonishing strengths of their new employees.

In order to help shape and develop these talented youth, one must first understand what they are made of and why they act like they do. “Y in the Workplace: Managing the “Me First” Generation” provides readers with a map of the environmental, social, cultural and psychological factors that contribute to Generation Y’s unique system of values, attitudes and expectations and outlines how, as a whole, this group has impacted the corporate environment, inter-generational functioning, and management strategies. To help this Generation successfully transition into the workplace while creating a shared vision, the authors provide you with the following:

Psychological insight into the character of this generation

An exploration of the cultural, psychological, environmental and social influences that have shaped the characteristics of this generation

Strengths and challenges that Generation Y is bringing to the workplace

45 Coaching strategies and solutions to help transition this generation into the workforce by honing their strengths, minimizing their weaknesses and helping them illuminate their talents.

An instillation of optimism and understanding about their abilities as supervisors and managers to impact the future legacy of companies in an exciting and highly productive way

Whether you are an executive, leader, small business owner, manager, HR professional, or teacher working with Generation Y, this book is designed to give you insight into why this generation is the way they are and how, for the benefit of your organization, to help them become the best they can be.
To learn more about the book or to see some excerpts visit www.yintheworkplace.com.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten

Flip Flops and MySpace: Introduction to Gen Y and the Workplace

It’s All About Me (okay, and you too): Self Esteem and Generation Y

Helicopters, Hoverers, Boomerangs and Parachutes?: Generation Y and their Parents

Gold Stars for Everyone: Motivation and Generation Y

Talk 2 Me in Full Sentences Instead of Txting Me: Communication and Generation Y

I’m The Boss of Me: Work Ethic and Generation Y

You Hired Me Because I’m Qualified for The Position, But I’m Also a Specialist in Socializing: Generation Y and Relationships

Ritalin, Xanies, Prozac…: Managing Your Gen Ys and Their “Drugs, Attentions, Moods and Quarter Life Crises

Politics and Gen Y: Playing the Game Versus Choosing Not to Play the Game

The Shoulders of Giants

What People Are Saying

As someone who deals with high-powered GenY students every day in the classroom, I can only imagine what employers must be up against. But do not despair — help is on the way! Nicole Lipkin and April Perrymore have discovered how to bring out the best of this talented but distracted generation. It turns out that GenY employees actually work but they work differently. Read this book and find out how to coach them to success.

G. Richard Shell, Thomas Gerrity Professor
The Wharton School of Business & co-author of The Art of Woo

Y in the Workplace is a must-read for managers, presenting a clear-eyed look at the generation now in their 20s. Too many other books focus on unsupported ideas of GenY as rule-following conformists, but this book tells the truth businesspeople need to know: that this is a generation of independent thinkers with all of the both bad and good things that go along with that. This is the first book I’ve seen that discusses the workplace implications of GenY’s true generational personality, in all of its individualism and desire for work-life balance. Even better, it offers concrete solutions about how to work with GenY. Absolutely essential.

Jean Twenge, Ph.D.
Author of Generation Me and co-author of The Narcissism Epidemic

Let me ask you, have you ever looked at one of your Gen Y employees and wondered where on earth they came from? Are you struggling with finding the best way to connect, motivate or even understand them? Then this book is a must read for you! Finally a book that explains not only why they act the way they do, but what drives them in their decisions and expectations. It also provides you with great, easy to execute strategies on how to build strong and collaborative relationships in our time crunched world. Kudos to Dr. Lipkin and Dr.Perrymore for finally giving us the ultimate user’s guide to Gen Y!

Stacey C. Cunningham, CEO & Chief Strategist
SCC & Company

Boomers and Gen-Xers who shake their heads in frustration as they speak of Generation Y will be nodding in appreciation after reading this smart, fair-minded and extraordinarily readable explanation of what makes our future leaders tick.”

Wes Mann, Editor
Investor’s Business Daily

A majority of my work force fits this demographic to a “T”. Many of the characteristics described in terms of approach to dress and work behavior is evidenced to me on a daily basis. This book provides wonderful psychological insight to Generation Y but the key pieces were the coaching suggestions based on the theoretic underpinnings. They were easy to pick up and remember and equally easy in application. I have used a few successfully and was amazed at how much easier it was to get some to “move their needle” using your suggestions. It is clear that Drs. Lipkin and Perrymore are speaking from in-depth experience and understanding of this frequently perplexing group.”

Steven Gilbert, R.Ph., M.B.A., B.C.P.S., Vice-President, Operations
PHL Care Center, Hospice Pharmacia

In Y in the Workplace: Managing the “Me First” Generation, Nicole Lipkin and April Perrymore offer practical guidance to help understand the unique challenges posed by the growing number of Gen Y’s at work. Although grounded in psychological and motivational theory (as evidenced by the tidbit references they serve “Shrinkwrapped”), the book is easy to read and replete with practical advice to address Gen Y behaviors. Savvy managers of earlier generations will read this book and follow the recommended actions. Savvy members of Gen Y will read this book to better understand how they are perceived and, consequently, to adjust their behaviors, capitalizing on their Gen Y strengths and aiming to become highly prized, “low maintenance” employees.

Joseph E. Sinclair, SPHR, Human Resources Manager
Evonik RohMax USA, Inc.

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