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Let’s face it: corporate trainings deserve the grumblings they’ve gotten. Presenters have all the charisma of an eighty year-old accountant. If you believe it doesn’t have to be this way, we feel the same way!


Equilibria’s stand-alone trainings are designed with full engagement in mind. Our skill-based trainings are made to be immersive, interesting and practical, never dull. Learners retain more through stimulating, multi-modal, and interactive programs. You’ll know because they’ll still be talking about it months later at the coffee maker.

Our stand-alone training programs fit nicely as components of: corporate retreats and annual meetings; professional conferences and meetings; corporate and business training programs; and leadership development initiatives. We also lead groups through virtual trainings where in-person meetings are inconvenient.

“Get the a-ha moments with our killer trainings”

Develop Your Skills

Your company is unique. This is why we customize everything we do for you.
We offer a variety of stand-alone trainings on the full spectrum of professional development.
Click on each overarching topic category to see a listing of our trainings.

Leading Self

Am I the Person That Others Can Follow?

Self-Awareness: Enhancing Leadership Success

Self-Management: Managing Derailers, Strengthening Capabilities

Time Management: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Emotional Intelligence: Strengthening Leadership Excellence

Leading Others

Do I Inspire Synergistic Relationships?

Influential Communication: Getting People to Heed Your Sage Advice

Conflict Management: Deconstructing Conflict, Constructing Solutions

Receiving and Giving Feedback: Crucial Conversations that Influence

Coaching for Performance: Coaching Skills for Managers and Leaders

Managing Expectations: Staying Ahead of Shifting Employee and Customer Expectations

Leading Teams

Do I leverage the strengths of those around me?

Managing Teams: Creating High Impact Team Cultures

Decision Making & Critical Thinking: Power Thinking

Change Management: Sustaining Progress, Minimizing Resistance

Bridging the Generation Gap: Managing Differences, Maximizing Strengths

Leading Culture

Do I have a strategic vision?

Creating Sticky Cultures: Motivation, Engagement & Retention

Setting the Vision: Strategic Leadership Visioning

Cultural Sustainability: Strengthening Resilience, Grit & Perseverance

Wowing Customers: Staying Ahead of Customer Expectations

We customize any of our stand-alone trainings to reflect your group’s needs. We also create custom trainings from scratch. If you don’t see it, ask us.

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