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Coaching and Consulting

It became apparent at our first discussion that Nicole not only had impressive credentials and experience, but she also had the “x-factor”–that intangible trait that so many others lack–that would make the experience so impactful. Nicole has a real ability to be able to distill information to the material issues. She is also adept at identifying and applying appropriate techniques to help overcome barriers and move forward. However, the real secret to Nicole’s success is her approach and style. She is the consummate professional, with the perfect balance between encouragement/kindness and naming the issues with a frank assuredness.

VP, Human Resources (name omitted for confidentiality)
NBC Universal

Dr. Lipkin possesses a unique insight into individual personalities and the social dynamics resulting from interpersonal and group interactions. Her focus on cultivating an understanding and appreciation for individual differences leads her to identify productive, innovative solutions to workplace challenges. As a former client, my experience in working with Dr. Lipkin proved overwhelmingly positive. Her work with my company resulted in a shift toward mutual respect and strategies to develop work-life balance policies that are improving both employee morale and performance.

Charlene MacDonald, Manager State Legislative and Regulatory Affairs
American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons

Nicole channeled her frustration with business status quo into creating one of the hippest consulting firms on the East Coast. She is smart, talented, knows the world of business from both the national and international perspectives, and, if that isn’t enough, wrote an informative and accessible book that I have recommended endlessly.

Michael Shelton
Psychology Today

Nicole is an inspiring, dedicated, and motivational person. Through her coaching and leadership, we are now able to say that our business is much stronger, our employees are much more reliable, and our practices are much more stable as a result of the lessons learned.

Matthew Shore, Owner
Maron Chocolates, Scoop DeVille and Maron Specialty Products

One of the most personable and professional people I know. Nicole has a head for business but has never lost the bedside manner that all coaches must have to succeed in their field. I don’t think there’s an end to the amount of good advice she can give, whether for your body, soul or business.

Andres Quesada, Freelance Designer

As a young Internet marketing consultant, I have the skills and technical tools to assist any client but did not have the business skills to go with it. Nicole helped me to formalize my business, guided me through setting reasonable goals for its growth, and assisted in establishing an efficient plan for its progress. She worked with me to understand key elements of my business that were completely missing, such as networking initiatives, personal growth within the field, and dividing work and personal life. Over the past six months, my clientele has grown, I’ve become more effective in handling their work, and simply put, my business has grown.

James Datillo, Senior Data Analyst
University of Pennsylvania & Small Business Owner

As a Director in one of the largest insurance companies in the world, it is extremely important to be effective at working with the Generation Y employees. These employees are the future of our company and the experiences and training they receive will help to guide them along their path of success. Dr. Lipkin was extremely professional and attentive to my needs and concerns and provided me with invaluable information. She is an excellent coach and I look forward to working with her more in the future.

Rikki Goldenberg, M.A., Director, Quality & Affordability Programs
United HealthCare


Dr. Lipkin has spoken to our organization on multiple occasions. Each time, we receive rave reviews from our leaders regarding her ability to engage the participants and provide meaningful and insightful information designed to help our leaders and workforce. It is a true joy to work with Dr. Lipkin – she is extremely professional, witty & incredibly knowledgeable. I regularly recommend her to colleagues who are looking for executive leadership & coaching speakers.

Linda Skorb, Senior Director, Sales Strategy & Initiatives

Automobile dealers are not known for being understanding and empathetic. In fact “car guys” as we are graciously called take pride in being tough but fair. Hard negotiators and dedicated business people who understand the cost of success is hard work and long hours. How does this new Generation Y fit in to this world? They want quick success, free time, recognition, people who care about them? Well, communicating the importance of understanding this touchy feely generation to our car guys was the challenge. Luckily we had the good fortune of enlisting Nicole Lipkin to help us! Nicole easily bridged this communication gap enlisting our Honda dealers to understand this new generation. They were enthralled at every venue. Finally understanding the behavior of their own children as well as those young new hires at their dealerships across the country. Nicole is a vibrant and powerful speaker who is able to take complex psychological findings and make them relevant to an audience with little or no psychological training or experience. She was able to communicate these messages at a level that resulted in many dealers being moved to make significant business changes at their dealerships. I strongly endorse Nicole for any public speaking opportunity. She is eloquent, funny, impactful and engaging. Nicole influenced many of our American Honda Motor Co., Inc. automobile dealers in a nationwide tour where our best Honda automobile dealers attend a special one day event hosted by American Honda and the dealers that attended. Our executive staff and all of our dealers who had an opportunity to attend were impressed and pleased with Nicole and the learning she shared with them.

Lyle Sweeter, Manager, Auto Sales
American Honda Motor Company, Inc.

Personal and organisational resilience are key foundations to corporate stability, success and prosperity. The quality and clarity of Dr Lipkin’s presentations, supporting materials and follow-up mentoring, have led her to becoming a highly sought after presenter and coach within and beyond CSARN’s networks of security and resilience practitioners.

Richard Bingley, CEO
City Security and Resilience Networks (CSARN)

As Co-Chairman of the Terror Information New York Group, (TINYg) I would like to thank you for taking part in our Lecture Series in New York City and London. This Lecture Series has been in existence for over five years and it is because of dedicated academics such as yourself that it still continues to be such a success. Your talk on “Leadership and Organizational Strategies” was the most well received and discussed by our attendees. It was an honor for the TINYg community to be able to hear your ideas.”

Kevin Cassidy, Vice President, Global Security
Thomson Reuter

We hired Nicole Lipkin to speak at Contalento Conference, the biggest HR Brazilian conference about talent management, which focused on gen Y management in its 2010 edition. Nicole was the right person we could hire to achieve the event goals. The audience was really excited with her coming to Brazil and was surprised with the great content offered by Nicole during the meeting. She was the best evaluated speaker by the audience at the whole conference. I truly recommend Nicole’s work.”

Bruno Andrade, Managing Director
HR Academy and LatinNext Group

I wanted to write and thank you for your presentation at the International Council of Shopping Centers’ Security Convention. Your Presentation, “Managing Generation Y Employees and Customers” received the highest ratings for excellence by our attendees in a post convention survey. Nicole, as you know, our audience was comprised mainly of former law enforcement officers and they can be a tough crowd to communicate with but you absolutely wowed them. Thanks again for making our convention a success.

Malachy Kavanagh, Vice President of Communications
International Council of Shopping Centers, Inc.

It was the pleasure of the ASTD Houston Chapter to have Dr. Nicole Lipkin speak at our January monthly meeting. Her topic focused on the “Y” Generation and was filled with current statistics, stories and examples. Our group got so engaged we had to ask them to stop interrupting with questions so Nicole could complete the presentation. Nicole willingly stayed after the event to answer additional questions. Nicole’s expertise is obvious and her enthusiasm for the subject undeniable. Her participation made our event a great success.

Sarah E. Hurst, President
ASTD Houston Chapter

Thanks so much for your two presentations “Too Busy to Win” and “Re-Generation in the Workplace” earlier this month. The messages were right on target for the two different audiences, alumni and corporate partners. Your speaking style was excellent. You kept everyone engaged. Your humor was right on target for all who attended. The ppts that you used sent excellent messages through words and pictures. I have heard nothing but positive comments from folks who saw you in action.

Dr. Robert C. Preziosi, Professor of Leadership and HR Management
Huizenga College of Business, Nova Southeastern University

I attended an ASTD professional development workshop during which Dr. Lipkin presented the topic “Developing the Next Generation of Learners” to the participants. I learned techniques that will allow me to analyze the workforce’s ability to adapt to impending changes. She presented a complete strategy in a simple manner for all to understand. I was not only impressed with the material that was taught in the session, but with Dr. Lipkin herself. She is a vibrant speaker and very credible in her knowledge of the topic presented. Her approach with the audience was inclusive and interactive and the participants responded well! I would recommend Dr. Lipkin not only as a dynamic speaker, but also for her consultative processes. They are well thought out and practical!

Denise Biersmith, Performance Strategist
Training and Development Systems, Inc.

Leadership Development

In this program I learned so much about myself and why I do the things I do. I cannot wait to put what I learned into action.

-Leadership RPM® Participant

I felt this program was the best management program I have ever attended.

-Leadership RPM® Participant

This program has helped me to understand how I can better manage myself and others.

-Leadership RPM® Participant

I have attended many management programs but not one like this. In addition to their expertise, Nicole and Brett made this fun, engaging, and leaving me wanting more.

-Leadership RPM® Participant

The content was outstanding! I learned great deal and cannot wait to learn more.

-Leadership RPM® Participant

This program is just what I needed to be a better leader.

-Leadership RPM® Participant

This program was awesome. I have learned so much about myself and the people I work with. Incredible.

-Leadership RPM® Participant

Going through this program has forced me to look inward and change the things I need to change so that I can be a better leader.

-Leadership RPM® Participant

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