Create the culture shift that makes people stay

We know what makes people thrive at work, and we want to help you.

We develop amazing employee retention, engagement and performance strategies for our clients that will make your culture sticky… and kind of irresistible.


Our philosophy is SLAM!™ It’s backed by research in the human and organizational sciences. All of our engagement, retention and performance solutions are distilled through the four drivers of SLAM!™

Social Connection

It’s harder to leave jobs when you love whom you work with. Research shows that workers are more productive, engaged and satisfied when they are socially connected to others in the workplace. We help you create internal and external social networks that connect.

Leadership Excellence

Losing great people because of poor leadership and management is inexcusable. There’s no room any more for subpar. Great leadership is the foundation for an engaged workforce. Our leadership and management development programs get results.

Aligned Culture

When a company lives by its values and these values are pervasive, engagement thrives. Values are a two way street, from the top to the bottom and the bottom to the top. We provide the channels to promote alignment.

Meaningful Work and Life

Gone are the days when employees came to work just for a paycheck. Workers need to know that every role plays a part in the big picture. We help you infuse purpose, meaning and life back into the picture.

“When employees are happy, customers are happy. That’s a fact.”

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