Dear Boss,

We’re all excited for the upcoming mixer with our potential new clients. We know this is a sensitive topic but we request the option of wearing our own clothing rather than the company logo shirts. We thus kindly request that it not be mandatory to wear the company logo shirts as we think it’ll hamper our confidence.


Dear Employee(s),

I am excited to show you the new and improved company logo shirts I have ready to go. They are a fashion-forward marine blue I was able to purchase at a terrific bulk discount rate from USAACS & Co, or as they’re known in the fashion industry: USA Affordable Company Shirts. We’re going to look like a cohesive team and that’s what’s going to impress everyone. Appreciate the feedback!


Why your plan will surely backfire

There’s a time and place for the company logo to shine (e.g., conventions where you have a booth). A company logoed shirt at a professional networking event can erase individuality and make someone feel like a dork, especially if everyone else is wearing their own, normal clothing.


Maybe try this instead:

Save the company logoed shirts for when you need to especially stand out as a company representative, like behind a convention booth, or in the store, or if you are in door-to-door sales so the homeowner doesn’t think you are there to murder them.


Nicole Lipkin, Psy.D., MBA is a business psychologist and the CEO of Equilibria Leadership Consulting. She is a speaker, consultant, and coach and has shared her expertise on NPR, NBC, Forbes, Entrepreneur, CBS, Fox Business News, and other media outlets. She is the author of “What Keeps Leaders Up At Night” and the co-author of “Y in the Workplace: Managing the “Me First” Generation.” Check out the award winning book trailer for What Keeps Leaders Up At Night.

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